interactive writing in kindergarten

one favorite thing this week in kindergarten is labeling the classrooms with interactive writing.
 this is a great way to show students how to ssssstttttretch out words!

storytelling in first grade

during the summer we blogged about storytelling in the classroom.
jessica kicked off the school year introducing her storytelling string.
each day she shared a story with her first graders. {the class loved this}
jessica asked her class...

her class got to make their own storytelling strings. this was a simple activity using index cards and string.
jessica read the story...
happy storytelling!

jessica & melissa & laura 


using the checklist at writing time

we loved this tiny tip we got from staff developer rebecca cronin at teacher college.

what happens when you give a six year old a checklist?
they check everything on the list .  

 before kids get the checklist to use for their writing, the classroom teacher could be using the checklist during interactive read aloud.

the little strips could be glued in the book with restickable glue.

we read the book emily's balloon a few times... today we are going to check to see if komako sakai did some of the things we are working on at writing time. did komako begin the character's name with a capital letter... yup! did komako end the sentence with punctuation? 

did Komako bring her character's to life by action, detail and talk? 

we can't wait to use the checklist during different parts of the reading and writing day. we know it will help our students when they go to use it independently. 

happy tuesday tip!

jessica & melissa & laura