Friday Favorites

Favorite LITERACY related Things in School...

How To Stories In Kindergarten {love the illustrations} & Topics

Laura's class  coming up with new categories for books.

Making Predictions In Kindergarten

Writing Persuasive letters to David to follow the school rules!

Jess's POET TREE in first grade. 

Happy Friday!!! 


Stronger Ways to Retell

It's that time of year when we are helping students learn stronger ways to RETELL. Kids are learning that there is more than one way to retell a book. We try to always encourage the kids to use the book when retelling. {Thanks to Christy for sharing these}.

Retelling In Kindergarten

 WHO? WHAT? WHERE? Retell 
It might sound like: "Mrs. Wishy-Washy is washing the animals on the farm."


It might sound like: "First, the animals were playing in the mud. Then, Mrs. Wishy-Washy told them to go in the tub. Next, she cleaned the animals. Last the animals run off to play in the mud again! "

BIG IDEA! Retell

It might sound like: "Mrs. Wishy Washy washes all the dirty animals. She washes the cow. She washes the duck. She washes the pig."

Retelling in First and Second Grade 

Grade One Character Unit of Study {Teacher College} & Jenn Serravallo Strategy book

  1. Have the kids keep track of the When and Where
  2. Retell across your fingers
  3. Give kids 5 Post-its to spread across the whole book
  4. Retell just the important parts
  5. Mark pages with Post-its (don't need to write on them)

In second grade, we are encouraging students to talk and stop and jot.  We know that the kids have to be able to say it before they can write it.
  • Read a chunk and talk about it
  • Read a chunk and stop and jot
  • Use the sentence stem This part is important because...
  • Ask Who? What? Where?
  • Retell the important events in order

We are practicing a lot of these strategies during interactive read aloud too.

Happy almost Friday!

Research Decide Teach

The last post focused on conferring with readers.  I love visuals so naturally, I need to make some for my PLC with teachers.

My favorite way to start a conference is to say, what are you working on as a reader?
But there are other ways to start...

 Parts of a Conference {No more than five minutes...Yikes!}
When you think of the TEACH part of a conference the following are the methods we are using. The teacher picks just one.  At the end of a conference we give the student a reminder of what we just worked on. We are trying to pick a goal that will last a week or two.

Next post, we will give examples of teaching methods.

Happy almost Friday!!!