five for friday

we are linking up with doodle bugs teaching.  

here are our five favorite things...
first graders are making rules for book clubs. 

during interactive writing laura's class made a list of words to use in place of the word good.

first graders starting a new unit of study focusing on character book clubs.
second graders writing a recommendation letter to a first grade class.
first-graders leaving post-its on lockers for the kids who have to take MCAS.
we think this is a wonderful way to cheer our school community on!

happy friday!


teacher tip for making anchor charts

 if you get exhausted from handwriting all of your anchor charts, then this blog post will show you how to use the computer to type parts of them.

 you will need:

  • microsoft word
  • printer
  • colored paper
 first we are going to set up a template in microsoft word.
 open up a document in microsoft.
go to file (at the top) and click on page set up...

go to paper size (above it says US letter)
click on manage custom sizes (bottom of list)

for this anchor chart we selected 5X5 (click okay)
type your text.
here is the template we created (the font will look funny if you don't have elizabeth skinny)

get your paper ready

cut 5X5 squares 
check in with your tech person on how to feed the paper in the printer.
our printer looks like this...

 ta dah!!!

flip over the paper and add illustrations.
 students can help make the pictures. 
 different fonts can give it a different look.
happy printing!
jessica & laura & melissa


Monday Makeover

welcome to makeover monday. today's blog post will help a first-grade teacher makeover a writing workshop anchor chart.
makeover monday

here is the original anchor chart made.

how can we make our anchor charts go from good to GREAT??

we can... 

  • add images to our words (so important)
  • add some color to our anchor charts 
  • use lettering that is simple (don't get too fancy)
  • build our anchor charts with our student's
  • print some of the text on the computer (tomorrow's blog post)
  • add interactive writing to our charts  

 smarter charts by marjorie martinelli and kristine mraz is a great resource to have for making anchor charts.

happy monday!
jessica & laura & melissa