about tiny teachers

1. we believe strongly in workshop teaching and hope this 
blog will support and inspire teachers who want to shift 
from being assigners and activity teachers to coaches 
and eager participants in their classroom.

2. we love TCRWP… we drink the lucy juice! we teach 
in massachusetts and graduated from lesley college 
so of course we love fountas and pinnell too!

3. we love pinterest and projects and cute things in our 
classroom but over the years, we have found that all those 
things don’t teach kids how to read and write. the things 
that matter most comes from us… our energy, 
excitement and expertise(we all have) that we bring to our classrooms 
each day!
we still use pinterest but in moderation. 
we hope to make our pinterest boards workshop friendly.

4. books are the most important tools we can use in 
our classrooms

5. we believe kids learn from play. they should have 
choice time every day and we strive to make academics 

jess has taught kindergarten, first, second and fifth grades for 15 years. she loves to see the little minds in her classroom get excited about big things. she loves to sing, sew and write. to escape from suburban teaching life, she lives on a farm with two goats, two dogs, two kids and one husband (which is enough in her mind).

laura has taught kindergarten and first grade for twenty one years. in the classroom, she is passionate about words, pictures, and the tickle-bone funny stories that emerge every day in her interactions with her first grade munchkins. she loves reading, creating art, and playing with her doodle dog, Tillie.

melissa taught kindergarten and first grade for twenty two years. she hesitantly left the classroom to be a literacy specialist. the best part of her job is that she gets to work with amazing teachers and kids every day. she loves reading professional books and binge watches every series on netflix. her favorites are sons of anarchy, friday night lights and transparent on amazon.

All writing and views expressed are solely our own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of our employer or anyone else.