five for friday

we are linking up with doodle bugs this week.

here are our five favorite things.

persuasive writing

kicking off persuasive writing in first grade was a blast this week.  in the first lesson they get to write about (and judge) a special collection.  it was a fun way to have the children write about something that they were passionate about, and required that they state several reasons why they had a favorite within their collections.  some of the collections in first grade included:  F1Racecars, rocks, shopkins, money, and even bottlecaps.


this is an impromptu project that we did to go along with a math activity about measurement.  for the math lesson the children were measuring fish and finding “keepers” or fish that were long enough to keep.  in the final fish lesson, they get to measure, make and name their own keepers.

 keeper clues

the children asked if we could make a class tank for our keepers and wallah!  we now have a tank with their fish (magnets on the back) so that they can look at, admire, and remove and measure.

helping a child learn one to one matching

we love how this kindergarten teacher helped a child by adding stickers to the page. this is just a temporary scaffold.

interactive writing 

we 💜 interactive writing!

happy weekend!
jessica & laura & melissa


  1. I love the keepers paper--is that something you could add to post for a download? I love your amazing ideas and look forward to each post!!!-Chris

  2. Also--where do you get your papers from for writers workshop? Thanks