five for friday first-grade book clubs

 it's five for friday. we are linking up with doodle bug teaching

we had the opportunity to visit a first-grade classroom while they were in the middle of teaching book clubs focusing on favorite characters.

learning and talking about books

💜that the kids help create the anchor chart.

picture support little learners.

this anchor chart comes from the lucy calkins reading unit of study.

the lesson we watched focused on how to compare and contrast books from the same series.

some of the book club series: mr. putter and tabby, henry and mudge, fly guy and mercy watson.

 each child had a small anchor chart to remind them of what they
could work on during workshop time.

 students picked a post-it from their independent reading.
 during book club talk, one student would read their post-it and the other
club members would talk about that idea.

laura shared with readers how she started reading clubs in her class too!

happy weekend!

jessica & laura & melissa

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  1. Great post! I'd love to see even more about this....might be something I'd like to try in my first grade classroom next year!