mentor text monday

last monday we blogged about some tips we learned when using mentor text in the classroom.  our goal this summer is to share some books you may possible use in your classroom. today's post is sharing the amazing book the thing lou couldn't do by ashley spike.

tiny tips when using mentor text:
  • select a book you love
  • read first for enjoyment and comprehension 
  • you should read your mentor text MANY times and the kids should be excited to hear it
  • reread, go back to explore and chart{chart with post-its}
kids could make predictions on what they think lou can't do
this page shows us a few different things about the main character lou and her friends. the author could have told us that they run fast but instead, we learn that they run faster than an airplane. how do the words help us get a movie in our head of how fast lou can run?

we could have also have noticed...

pictures match the words
word choice = adventurers, mighty fortresses, wild animals
bold word= BRAVE, FASTER, MIGHTY, WILD {all capitals}

the author doesn't tell us how lou is feeling but what do we think? what do we notice? what do we wonder? why do we think that?

we could have also have noticed...

speech bubbles
character talking
pictures tell us more
character feelings

the power of YET!

this is a must read book to little kids!
melissa & jess & laura 

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