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ask me by bernard waber

teeny tale:
this book tells the story of a daughter and a father exploring the world while asking each other things that they like.  the illustrations are magical. this book makes you feel like your are listening in on a conversation between a grown-up and a child. there is a pattern to the text and it has a  unique organization. one person will ask a question ask me what I like

this book touches on the inquisitiveness  nature of being young and exploring the world with a loved one. ASK ME brought us back to many of our childhood memories from holding a balloon, lying in leaves and digging in sandboxes.

tiny tips:
illustration study for writing workshop/ do the colors change color depending on who is talking?
students could make predictions about the story (before reading)
students could tell a story about something they like  
read this story and have students bring in a treasure tell (something they like very much that fits in their hand) 
during interactive writing or shared writing write a book about thing we like (we like playing in the park, we like swinging on the monkey bars etc.,)
the things we like book could become your shared reading text
create a classroom bulletin board of favorite things
students could create their own ASK ME book ( Ask Me:  Do you like_________. )
  I like cake? Do you like cake?
the classroom teacher could take students on an ASK ME walk having students pose wonder questions
student's could stop and jot or stop and draw(on post-its) things they like from the walk or wonder questions.

topics: the world has many wonders, love 

why we 💜 this book...

we think this is the perfect book for writing workshop. children often struggle with finding a topic to write about, this book will give students endless possibilities. we love that the amount of text is limited making it easy to read again and again.

happy monday!
melissa & jessica & laura


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