books for winter

best in snow by april pulley sayre 


many people and place experience snow as part of their winter weather, but how many have actually stopped to consider how snow is born, how it descends upon us and what happen when it does? this book, beautifully photographed and simply but poetically written, gives adults and children an enticing invitation to ponder and wonder and revel in the delight of a winter wonderland.


tiny tips: 

  • explore how diverse a genre can be- is this book fiction, nonfiction, poetry? and why?
  • wonderful words: the words in this book are sparse yet the word choice is surprisingly rich
  • study the photos for more information (nonfiction study)
  • use as a jumping off point for a study of snow  
  • investigate writing about snow in multiple genres

before morning by joyce sidman & beth krommes

joyce sidman and beth krommes team up again (earlier in swirl by swirl 2011) to tell a story about a child wishing for the coming snow to keep her mom home. told through a stunningly worded poem and through evocative illustrations, this story reminds us of the weight of wanting and the power of wishes. 

tiny tips:

  • a great book to use for an interactive read aloud and revisiting a number of times
  • study the pictures: how a picture can tell us so much more than the words sometimes
  • wonderful words: how do the words tell the story? how do the words make us feel?


happy reading!

jess & laura & melissa

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