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kicking off a new unit of study   

in the lucy calkins first grade unit called  learning about the worldstudents are invited to begin a wonderful learning journey through nonfiction books. the unit recommends gathering "just right" nonfiction books into browsing baskets for each reading table. in addition, the last few years. i have called upon my students to compile list of topics they want to learn more about. i then scour my classroom library, the school and town libraries, and local bookstores to find books on their topics at their approximate reading levels. below you can see my students' treasure troves of new books for their book boxes. their enthusiasm when entering the classroom was MAGICAL!


tiny tip: give students a record sheet to list the topics they want to learn about!  
Getting Super Smart About Nonfiction Reading

tip for organizing a unit 

we have a second grade teacher in our building nicole who has a little binder for every unit she teaches. nicole finds it helpful to put all the books required, copies of anchor charts, articles and even her lucy calkins book.  below is an example of her nonfiction unit. 

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