writing workshop

one of our favorite part of the day  is writing workshop. we believe if you want to teach a child to read, you teach them how to write.

in our building we use some of the teacher college units of study and develop some of our own. one of our favorite go to resources is katie wood ray and lisa cleveland about the authors, writing workshop with our youngest writers. we have learned so much about teaching writing from these master teachers.   


workshop happens every day 30-40minutes

we believe that kids get better at writing, by writing every day.  we also feel it's important to show them how to do it.
dating work helps keep track of student growth

where there's so much debate about appropriate practices
 in the primary classrooms we have to say, we believe that making books is appropriate practice.  we are often reminded by katie wood ray that writing workshop is about making stuff and kids love to make stuff. we know this because the minute we announce it’s choice time… kids begin creating stuff with joy and energy. 

this child wrote a BLURB on the back of his book.

the beautiful thing about making books is that every child can do it. katie and lisa remind us why making books is important in the primary classroom. 

  • making books encourages volume right away
  • student communicate with both pictures and words to make meaning which is similar to the picture books they have read to them
  • the pictures hold the most meaning which makes a lot of sense for our tiny writers
  • picture books are an important tool for teaching
  • the work may seem small but the work is so BIG
  • lastly, katie reminds us that picture books is a form, a container in which different genres can be written and this will come in handy when we introduce kids to different kinds of writing
  • students begin to read like a writer 
    mentor text for writing workshop

when we give kids the time and the tools to make books we believe that joy and enegry happens at our workshop time too.

happy bookmaking and go pats!

jessica & laura & melissa

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