10 nonfiction picture books we {heart}

we are linking up with 10 for 10 nonfiction book here are some of our favorite nonfiction books we have been using in the classroom!

Nonfiction books we {love}...


 seedling books by kate riggs

in guided reading groups and strategy groups we love using these books for their simple text, detailed photos and rich possibilities. 


 start to finish books  

kids love seeing the process of how things go from start to finish. 

a kid that see how a football is made might actually be inspired to go do it!



 national geographic books  by melissa stewart

these books are used as mentor text for the reading units of study.  

we love using them for mentor text for strategy groups.


 the darkest dark by astronaut chris hadfield 

kids will hang on to every word of this book and if you introduce it just right (not giving away too much information) they can debate at the end if it was fiction or nonfiction.  

 what will hatch by jennifer ward

great mentor text for nonfiction writing.  

beautiful yet simple text and pictures.  


best in snow by april pulley

our kids got to the end of this book and were like, "wow that's a it fiction or nonfiction?" 

luscious photographs and a procession of WOW words lead a reading of this deceptively simple book into a complex discussion.

families by shelly roner and sheila m. kelly 

this book celebrates every possible kind of family. 

we think it should be in every classroom!

 creature features by steve jenkins and robin page 

kids will be engaged by being able to ask and hear the answer to many of the questions they have... right from the animals mouth! 

we love the close up collage face to face pictures. 

 what if you had animal feet? by sandra markle 

kids will have fun imagining all the different things they can do if they have different kinds of animal feet. 

many fun books in this series.  

let's talk about animals by britta teckentrup 

nice format for beginner readers with loads of information!  

happy weekend! 

jessica & laura & melissa 

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