five favorite things from reading and writing workshop

it's friday... here are our favorite things this week!
fantastic things reading and writing

partner guided reading

our primary classrooms continue to work on nonfiction units of study. during a partner guided reading lesson (which was a new format for us) we had two students work together to read a book while getting coached by the teacher.
partners guided reading sheet

the lesson format below for day one with the book penguins by kate briggs....
this book was at the children's instructional level (G/H)
  • let’s take a sneak peak and think what is this book going to teach us.
  • look at a few pictures(not the whole book)… 
  • what are you thinking about? let’s go back to the begin and let’s read it together .
  • you can choral read, echo  or see saw read(see saw read worked the best).
  • the teacher coaches the partners to read the book together.
  • now let's retell what the book was mostly about.  

tactile experience for leaning letters

we have a wonderful reading intervention teacher who works with primary students. she shared these beautiful colored squares that she uses for kids to practice writing the letters or sight words on. she reminded us that sometimes kids need that tactile experience when learning... thank you louise! we love this 

tactile for letter learning interactive writing 

our kindergarten team is working hard at squeezing in interactive writing every day (for at least ten minutes).  we love how this class wrote about the story the mitten.
interactive writing the mitten
how might the character's be thinking or feeling ?

interactive writing the mitten 

hammering it home with interactive writing

using our conventions notebooks, we have been building a big anchor chart about the conventions. we photograph actual work from student notebooks to use for the visuals and we work together as a class to write the message.

nonfiction text features interactive writing
we love anchor charts created with the kids!

 Writing with a Purpose 

we giggled when laura found this letter in the hallway... dear tom brady i love your work and your awesome i know you are in houston. go crush those stupid falcons.  love, jack

like jack's letter... we hope the patriots crush the falcons but we don't think the falcons are stupid.


go pats! 

jessica & laura & melissa 


  1. Please tell more about how the mitten interactive writing was done as whole class?

  2. Lee Ann the classroom teacher will often tell the class they are going to create a story together and it may take a few sessions to create a text together. The kids will have a conversation about what to write with guidance from the teacher. we use the book Interactive Writing Across the Grades published by Stenhouse. For the fall our kindergarten classrooms were trying to focus on shared reading and interactive writing. One goal is to have kids write with the classroom teacher for ten minutes a day so writing about something is part of the routine.