celebrating being nonfiction reading experts

last week , as a culmination of nonfiction reading studies, our first graders hosted kindergarten classes for reading shares. each first grader had chosen a text of a topic they had become expert at. first graders had marked up their texts with key word post-its and meaningful facts. the first graders then read the book to a kindergarten partner, sharing important words and facts along the way. first graders also stopped in pre-chosen spots to ask their kindergarteners what they noticed or wondered. finally, each first grader had made trading cards about their topic of expertise. on one side, the first graders created a web of their topics and key ideas. on the other side of the card, the first graders had drawn beautifully detailed pictures of their topics. each student created four cards, one to keep, two to trade one to give to their kindergarten partners as artifacts of our celebration!

trading cards
penguin word web
trading cards
cat trading cards
space trading cards
word web about plants

click here for KEY WORD Trading Cards

happy week!

jessica & laura & melissa

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